Background Music

We at Dinmore Records are surely not alone in being constantly appalled by the badly-chosen background "music" which nowadays is foisted on customers in many public places. Cheaply-produced, ugly-sounding electronic "muzak" and intrusive, dreary "pop" do absolutely nothing to enhance the ambience of a venue, and indeed have quite the opposite effect as far as most people are concerned. In view of this sorry state of affairs, and recognising that most establishments are reluctant to opt for silence, we are now on a mission to improve matters by making available some distinctly upmarket selections!

In addition to our very popular CD Music for a Perfect Dinner Party, Dinmore Records can now supply custom-made CD compilations of light, melodious instrumental music, largely comprising familiar "standards" in well-crafted arrangements, played by real musicians on real instruments. These long-playing compilations are absolutely ideal for continuous background-level playback, and each is individually produced after consultation, so that the selection can be specially tailored to complement and enhance the ambience of the intended venue. To the best of our knowledge, no other record label offers such a personal service. We can even advise on the choice and installation of suitable audio equipment.

If you run an establishment which plays or intends to play background music, and you would like to use this facility to gain a considerable advantage over your competitors by providing a welcoming atmosphere for your customers, rather than leaving them suicidally depressed and vowing never to return under any circumstances, then please contact us - we should be delighted to discuss your requirements.