Cover artwork for The Bon-Bons Collection

The Bon-Bons Collection

Paul Arden-Taylor

Catalogue number: DRD 208

Price: £10.00

The complete Bon-bons series (Oboe, Bigger Oboes, Recorder) as described earlier in this catalogue, plus many bonus tracks, on a single mp3 CD.

The very long playing time of these discs makes them tremendous value at £10 each. To preserve the original sound quality as far as the mp3 format allows, each is recorded at the highest possible bit-rate. They can be played on most computers, and the contents can be transferred without conversion directly to portable devices such as iPods. They can also be played on some recent models of CD and DVD players with mp3 playback feature (including many recent in-car players). They are NOT playable on standard-specification CD players. If in doubt, please consult your instruction manual!