Dinmore Records

Audio recording and post-production for commercial and private releases

Sympathetic production and meticulous engineering by an experienced professional classical musician

Dinmore Records, named after Dinmore Manor in Herefordshire where some of our recordings were made, is an independent recording service which, since the late 1980s, has been providing competitively-priced location audio recording and post-production facilities for many productions, both private and commercial, involving professional, amateur and student performers.

Outdoor concert setup

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Over the years, we have produced a wide range of recordings involving a vast number of solo performers, chamber ensembles, orchestras, choirs, jazz/folk groups etc., recorded at public concerts as well as in private sessions. 

We have full post-production (digital editing and mastering) facilities, and can also undertake compilation/remastering projects from existing material.  We can transfer from vinyl, cassette and DAT.

Excellent recording quality is assured by the use of specialist professional equipment combined with extensive experience, and engineer/producer Paul Arden-Taylor is also a highly experienced professional classical musician, which helps the whole process to go smoothly. 

A natural-balance rather than multitrack approach is adopted.

We have engineered and/or remastered for the following record labels:



Cathedral Classics




What People Say

Beautifully recorded

BBC Music Magazine

Sound and balance are eminently truthful


Sound and balance are eminently truthful

International Record Review

Exceptionally well-balanced ... sonorous and vividly detailed


Very naturally recorded

Penguin Guide

A splendid disc

Classic FM Magazine

The recorded sound is unsurpassed

Classic Music on CD

Finely caught by engineer Paul Arden-Taylor

Classic CD

A model of clarity

International Piano

Recorded with stunning impact

Organists’ Review